Do you pay referral fees?


Before starting my own business I worked for a number of different companies and each one had a common trend about them, which was the reason I eventually went out on my own… They all required me to generate my own leads. This still bugs me to this day in that I really think it…

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How have you communicated the RBA’s rate reduction to your clients?

A conceptual look at variable interest rates. Where next?

I don’t know about you but whenever the RBA changes rates either up or down a little bit of me sighs as I know there will be further work for me to complete over the coming weeks. I understand that sounds a little lazy but deep down I know the truth is most brokers would…

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How do you recommend lenders to your clients?


Have you ever heard of the phase ‘paralysis by analysis?’ My trusted source Wikipedia defines it as, ‘an anti-pattern, the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.’ For the mortgage industry, due to the technology disruption we have experienced during recent years,…

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Why I’m not doing refinances anymore

Home Mortgage Refinance

A few years ago I made the decision not to go after refinances. I mean, sure I still do them if an opportunity falls in my lap, but these days I just don’t get caught up with the whole, “a reduction in your interest rate by just 0.2% can save you thousands over the life…

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Cutting through the BS on what exactly a mentor is


I get asked a lot about mentorship from new to industry brokers and it has become clear that there are many misconceptions on what exactly are the requirements of a mentor. This post will seek to straighten things out for you by providing you with a clear understanding of what these requirements are, the current…

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Have you ever thought about commercial lending?


This morning The Advisor referenced a speech that Vow’s general manager Leighton King gave at their mini-conference for brokers in Sydney last week. Leighton compared the surge that the third-party channel has experienced in business off the recent housing boom to the oil crisis in Russia and Saudi Arabia, quoting, “Russia and Saudia Arabia will…

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Where will your next lead come from?


As mortgage brokers, we’re always on the lookout for our next client and sometimes this mentality can lead to a bit of a scatter-gun approach when it comes to prospecting. For most of us, because we are one man bands or have a small team of staff, our time is very limited so when it…

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What are the biggest challenges facing your customers?


To survive as a mortgage broker long term, it is critical to position yourself as a solutions provider as opposed to having ‘the best rates in town.’ In order to do this effectively, you need to put yourself in your customers shoes by asking the question, “What are the biggest challenges facing my clients?” Really…

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How to become more productive

Businessman stressed by too many tasks

From the outside looking in, when people think about those of us who are in sales or self employed, they imagine how wonderful that type of environment must be. Working on your own schedule, not having to clock in at 8:30am and clock out at 5:30pm like the rest of the rat race, uncapped earning…

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A simple goal every mortgage broker should be focused on this year

Goal Setting

Welcome to 2016! Today, like most people begins my first official week for the year. And just like I’m sure you are, I’m pumped and really excited about the year ahead. January is traditionally a time that people are setting goals and planning the year ahead for their business. However, as I’m sure you are…

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