Who is Tim Russell?

If you ask anyone who has had to write the dreaded ‘About Us’ section of a website, they will tell you it’s an extremely awkward experience because let’s face it, no one likes to write about themselves and I’m certainly no different!

None the less, I think it’s important you know who you’re dealing with so let’s get through this together…

My passion for helping people started way back in my late teens where I became qualified as a personal trainer. This served as my part-time income while I completed my studies at UTS in Exercise and Sports Management which led me into a career as a, well… personal trainer (useless degree!)

Over the next five years I helped many clients who were unhappy with their bodies lose weight and turn their life around. Although a rewarding job, it was quite monotonous and I could feel my passion leaving me after half a decade of yelling, “one more rep!”

So one day over coffee, while explaining my woes to one of my clients, he suggested that I should try my hand at mortgage broking as it was essentially the same as personal training expect that instead of helping people lose weight, I would be helping them with their finances.

Keen for a change I took the plunge and starting working in his business as an admin assistant, learning all about systems, processes and lender policy. From there I gradually started to move into client facing roles where I continued to learn and develop my skills in sales.

The last six years has been a whirlwind experience and I have been both a mortgage broker and financial planner across four different dealer groups in a range of roles. Now, director of Multipart Finance I continue my passion for helping clients in all things finance through my office based in North Sydney.

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